Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We understand that you have many options regarding advertising for your business, including video production, print layout, logo and web site design.

Here at MCP-Ads, we feel that it is important for all Texas businesses to have their messages heard by customers that are most likely to choose their services. MCP-Ads believes that educating our clients is the best way to begin a project. There are many options for any marketing situation and only you know the intricate details that will decipher what is best for your company.

We also understand that you have many demands on your time and that is why we have onsite consultations.  We’ll discuss options with you, whether you want to focus on affordable internet advertising, effective video productions/commercials or other areas. You can continue running your business on your schedule while a custom marketing campaign is built around your unique circumstances.

Michael Chatery Productions Developement

Michael Chatery Productions, was started in 2006 by Michael Chad Terry. Currently, Michael Chatery Productions is developing three new projects:

(1) MCP-Ads (focused on finding and developing affordable advertising for businesses in Texas)

(2) (an application designed to connect oil field products and services through a map exchange system)

(3) Residual Oil Zone Interviews (an educational series designed to help catapult idea exchange through out the industry and educate the public about Residual Oil Zones and Enhanced Oil Recover)